Project Management words in seven languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish

This  dictionary is indispensable for project managers, teams and students of project management working in countries of Western Europe. In a handy, slim pocket size format with soft cover (cut down A5 size, 18 x 15.5cm), the dictionary can be readily available for use when you need to explain that key project term, such as scope creep, earned value or statement of work. Similarly, you may need to be able to interpret that all important term in a contract, which you cannot find in a normal dictionary. Many PM words are special or reserved words, so do not appear in foreign language dictionaries. So, for example, if you are in Italy and hear the word trasformazione in a project context you can look it up in the polyglot dictionary and find the English meaning applicable to projects.

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business case


plan commercial; plan d'affaires

der Geschäftsplan

piano commerciale dell'impresa

plan commercial  de empresa

övergripande idébeskrivning

change management; change control

veranderingsbeheer; veranderingscontrole

le management (gestion) des modifications; le contrôle des modifications

das änderungsmanagement; die änderungskontrolle

trasformazione (f)

control de transformación (f)

ändringsledning; ändringskontroll

change request


demande (f) de modification

das änderungsersuchen

una richiesta di modifica

transformación a petición (f)


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