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sd short duration
h parts available for hire (POA)
poa price on application
s soprano
a alto
t tenor
bar baritone
b bass
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Great Stave aims to produce John Bartlett's works on a non-profit making basis. Therefore much of his music listed under Works is available on request to amateur or professional musicians who wish to perform it privately or publicly. He has composed in excess of 135 compositions to-date. A charge for postage and packing at cost will normally be made. A printing and binding charge may also be made for multiple scores or scores of many pages, such as albums and large-scale works. It may be possible to send some scores electronically for local printing.

Some parts may be available for hire. A nominal charge may be made for the production of these.

Use the address under Contact to request information about any of the works listed. Please give your name and full postal address if works are to be sent. An email by return will show postage charges and Paypal id for payment to be made. As soon as payment is made items will be sent.

If a particular compass that is stated for a song does not suit it may be possible to produce a lower or higher voice part.


It is not always possible to obtain real performances of some works so some sound bites are synthesised.




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